Conquer the 5 Disconnects to Accelerate growth

The Wall Street Journal Best Seller

New York Book Festival Winner

Firebird Book Award

The Award Winning & Best Selling book Ascend Your Start-up: Conquer the 5 Disconnects to Accelerate Growth is an industry-defining panacea for start-ups who have stalled out on their journey to the top of the mountain.

Dedicated to her late grandmother, author Helen Yu inhales multiple generations of wisdom and exhales a revolutionary framework for tech founders and CEOs that enables their businesses to scale faster and fearlessly.

From Yu’s 15 years of first-hand experience in tech start-ups, readers will learn the 5 fundamental growth disconnects that trap start-ups in the cliffside, keep them from reaching the summit and touching the sky. Ascend Your Start-up also empowers founders and CEOs to self-reflect and grow, posing a thoughtfully architected set of 26 essential questions you can ask yourself in order to scale your business.

Inspiration flows freely through the book’s pages as Helen draws parallels between the journey of growing a start-up and her sacred promise made to her grandmother to climb Mt. Everest.


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Available May 25th

You will learn:

Industry-specific, highly experienced advice for tech start-ups

Fundamental wisdom on the 5 disconnects that prevent a start-up from ascending

Turning an idea into a product and moving it to the market

Taking a marketed product to scale

Inspirational guidance for tech start-ups facing the emotions and challenges of growing

Ascend Your Start-up

is the profound answer to the question every start-up has asked themselves:

“How do we get to the top?”

Helen Yu

About Helen Yu

An advisor to the world’s largest technology companies, Helen Yu passionately believes growth comes at the crossroad of tech and humanity. Whether she is speaking to a crowd of 5,000 or a small startup leadership, she brings global customer success experience from her work with tech titans like Oracle, Adobe, and many start-up CEOs who went on to achieve multibillion-dollar revenue growth and record profitability.

As the Founder and CEO at TigonAdvisory, Helen drives growth for the largest technology companies in the world as well as fastest growing startups. Helen is a recognized thought leader and is a top Twitter influencer in AI, Cloud, IoT, Cybersecurity, 5G, FinTech and Startups.