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Supply Chain

Transparency: The Superpower Behind Global Supply Chains

The real superpower behind the popular Marvel heroes known as the Avengers goes far beyond unusual talents. Watch them closely, and you’ll see that much of their collective strength comes from a shared visibility. They can be in the right moment with the right solution because they have the data and knowledge needed to win […]

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Managing The Barriers To Startup Scalability

Managing the Barriers to Startup Scalability

All over the world, entrepreneurs are dreaming up the next million- or billion-dollar idea. Unfortunately, Failory research suggests that “about 90% of startups fail with about 22% failing in the very first year.” The path to startup success is largely anchored on the venture’s ability to generate revenue quickly. Oftentimes, this means having the largest […]

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Digital transformation: 3 priorities for CIOs facing a tough climb

Leading a successful digital transformation is like leading a mountain climbing expedition: It takes courage, leadership, and perseverance. Consider these tips from a leader who’s done both. Mount Hood in the U.S. Pacific Northwest is not just another tall mountain. The 11,000-foot stratovolcano is visible from Portland, Ore., and though dormant, could potentially erupt without […]

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Our Zetta-Future and Other Predictions

Usain Bolt crossed the 100-meter finish line of the World Championships in 9.58 seconds back in 2009. He must have been an unimaginable blur to onlookers. That same sense of acceleration mirrors edge to cloud computing. As the new year ramps up, here are a few predictions of where this big leap will take us. […]

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Getting Cyberfit During the Pandemic: Cybersecurity Essentials

Understanding cybersecurity is crucial because it protects all types of data from theft and damage. An Introduction To Cybersecurity  Cybersecurity includes sensitive data, business information, personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), personal information, intellectual property, governmental data and industry information systems. “Crampons make it easy to climb the ice without slipping,” says a […]

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