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Explore the Path to Digital Future: Interconnect, Integrate and Innovate

Together, We Go Further I first heard about Equinix while getting my cybersecurity certification from MIT Sloan School of Management. The company is to network protection what Hogwarts is to wizardry: a precedent-setting, behind-the-scenes industry innovator. As the biggest on-demand data center company in the United States, staffed by more than 8,000 people, Equinix keeps […]

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Our Zetta-Future and Other Predictions

Usain Bolt crossed the 100-meter finish line of the World Championships in 9.58 seconds back in 2009. He must have been an unimaginable blur to onlookers. That same sense of acceleration mirrors edge to cloud computing. As the new year ramps up, here are a few predictions of where this big leap will take us. […]

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How to Scale a Business Successfully in 4 Simple Steps

As a new founder at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey, you have many tasks at hand and little bandwidth to do them all. There are countless responsibilities, from everyday tasks like investor pitch decks and elevator pitches to longer-term tasks like business plan revisions, product launch strategy and much more. How do you know […]

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The Software-Defined Car for the Human-Centered Experience

I believe growth thrives at the crossroad of technology and humanity. This is where technology creates solutions that help people reach their greatest potential. When it comes to innovation in transportation, we again see this intersection shaking up an industry on the verge of a technological leap: the next generation, connected software-defined car for an […]

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IBM’s latest mainframe technology from A to Z

Many say beauty is in the details. The phrase came to mind as I entered the glass and steel skyscraper known as 3 World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan. The modern, light-infused space was a perfect backdrop to meet IBM z15 , a hybrid cloud mainframe solution for enterprise companies serious about titanium strength data security. As […]

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