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Leveraging the Power of Diversity: Women’s Vital Role in Rescuing Manufacturing

The future of manufacturing is not just about technology. It’s also about increasing the amount of diversity in the workforce. Despite women making up 47% of the total labor market, they only represent 29% of people working in manufacturing (US Bureau of Labor and Statistics). The current labor shortage in manufacturing presents an opportunity to […]

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Explore the Path to Digital Future: Interconnect, Integrate and Innovate

Together, We Go Further I first heard about Equinix while getting my cybersecurity certification from MIT Sloan School of Management. The company is to network protection what Hogwarts is to wizardry: a precedent-setting, behind-the-scenes industry innovator. As the biggest on-demand data center company in the United States, staffed by more than 8,000 people, Equinix keeps […]

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Digital transformation: 3 priorities for CIOs facing a tough climb

Leading a successful digital transformation is like leading a mountain climbing expedition: It takes courage, leadership, and perseverance. Consider these tips from a leader who’s done both. Mount Hood in the U.S. Pacific Northwest is not just another tall mountain. The 11,000-foot stratovolcano is visible from Portland, Ore., and though dormant, could potentially erupt without […]

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