Helen Yu

Mobility stage

Will Data Make Driving More Pleasurable?

Perhaps there is no greater sense of freedom than stepping into a car with a flawless and gleaming driver’s license in hand. It marks teenage independence and the beginning of parental worry. While automobiles themselves have evolved over the last several decades, that fleeting moment of empowerment we all felt at the wheel now is […]

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Winning the Battle Against

Data Fabric: Winning the Battle Against Data Deluge

We live in a connected world. By 2025, Statista predicts there will be 30.9 billion devices compared to the mere 13.9 billion we use today. How will corporate environments manage all that data? How well are we managing the problem right now? As more data is generated and the applications for data expand, business requirements and external […]

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The Next 10 Years: Profile of the Future-Ready Manufacturer

In his private notebooks, author Albert Camus wrote: “Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present.” For the future-ready manufacturer, these words ring true. As we pick up the pieces in the aftermath of the pandemic, we all appreciate the idea of readying ourselves for the future. But what are the […]

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When We Innovate With Our Whole Self, Everything Changes

It feels like the world is evolving faster and faster, from a sudden reset on remote work practices to radically shifts in buyer behaviour to the onset of virtual everything. What will this new era demand of us? What will it ask of companies and brands? How will we innovate new solutions and inspire one […]

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Can Manufacturers Reach Their Greatest Potential in the Factory of the Future?

When I talk to people about Industry 4.0 – that being, at its simplest level, applying smart technology to the business of manufacturing – many people bring up the loss of jobs as though robots are calling the shots in conference rooms around the world. “People always fear change,” Microsoft founder Bill Gates once said. […]

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Manufacturing becomes more inclusive as AI enables hiring of workers with disabilities

In a webinar entitled “The Art of Possible: Manufacturing Priorities that Will Define 2021,” Çağlayan Arkan, Microsoft’s VP of manufacturing industry shared: “From extreme disruption comes extreme transformation.”  His point is well taken. In the aftermath of the pandemic, supply chain has raced to the top of the news and manufacturing is centerstage. Arkan followed […]

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The Software-Defined Car for the Human-Centered Experience

I believe growth thrives at the crossroad of technology and humanity. This is where technology creates solutions that help people reach their greatest potential. When it comes to innovation in transportation, we again see this intersection shaking up an industry on the verge of a technological leap: the next generation, connected software-defined car for an […]

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How We Look at Cars Today is Changing How We Make Them

Early in my career, I remember being at a stoplight, looking over and admiring a sleek, red McLaren next to me. For a long time, I wanted that car (then I moved to Chicago and an SUV seemed much more practical!). Today, the automobile industry is in a sea change that may make stories like […]

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Top 10 influencers in digital transformation you should follow in 2019

Let’s start by explaining, at a very high level, the concept of digital transformation. It’s a term used to describe the strategic evolution of methods, business behaviors and company culture to deliver value to customers. You may wonder if it’s just a buzzword and how much effort companies really devote to digital transformation. Solely looking […]

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Getting CyberFit: How to Start? Lose The Rose-Colored Glasses!

“Crampons make it easy to climb the ice without slipping,” says a guide to scaling Vatnajökull, Iceland’s largest and most majestic glacier. Easy to climb? Really? I nearly lost my life ascending that ice cap when one of my crampons popped off my boot. (Thank goodness for carabiners!) Which brings me to Cybersecurity. Much like climbers must […]

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