Connectivity: Catalyst for Industrial Revolution

By 2025, IDC estimates that there will be an enormous amount of IoT devices – over 41.6 billion to be exact. These devices will potentially generate 79.4 zettabytes of data. Wow, that’s a lot of bytes!

How do businesses make use of what can seem to be endless, sprawling data and get clear insights? For manufacturers, this means having to gather, parse, and process a high volume of data. Although the benefits of having access to useful information for business analysis and planning are known, it’s just not that simple.

Thankfully, new capabilities enabled by #IoT expansion work solve this problem. With the right tools, manufacturing companies can collect and compute information and be positioned for data driven decision making. And that’s not all. Edge to edge smart manufacturing can also help companies become more sustainable, efficient, and predictive. Some notable applications include waste prevention, safety monitoring, inventory tracking, asset maintenance and predictable demand analytics .

Imagine saving thousands of dollars by improving supply chain operations, significantly reducing greenhouse carbon emissions, or being able to run diagnostics to prepare for maintenance needs in the factory. Industrial connectivity is a new age opportunity that will take supply chain to a whole new level. In years to come, we can expect knowledge to become the epicenter of business acceleration.

Here’s my take on how AT&T Business’s advanced tools for industrial connectivity, IoT, and data are unlocking new possibilities.

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